(DG/Solar Synchronization)

Most of the EPC companies face challenges when Power from Solar Power Plant flows to Diesel Generator as it harms the alternator, or sometimes results in mechanical damage. It can also increase the bill of the customer(where net meteringis not available or is not allowed). DRS has a field-proven solution, Sol.SYNC, which prevents backflow of solar power to a diesel generator.

Sol.CON (Zero Export)

Most of the EPC companies face challanges in Synchronising the Solar Power Plant with Diesel Generator Set. It is not that Solar Power Plant cannot automatically synchronize with DG power(if it is a DG set has a good quality governer and AVR).


SCADA provided by DRS has string level monitoring compatibility and it has features of remote access to the real time data. It shall have features for projecting next day generating based on historical data / suitable logic. System provided byus can send the telemetry data to the local SLDC via GPRS / GSM / in suitable mode.